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  • 4K@60Hz HDMI
  • Two-way usage: 2 In 1 Out / 1 In 2 Out
  • One-click switch
  • Aluminium housing with compact design

This bi-directional 4K HDMI 2.0 switch helps swap the signal instantly. Specification of signal transmission depends on the devices and the cables, 3M or shorter HDMI2.0 cable is suggested. With Solid aluminum-alloy housing and premium construction.


  • Bi-directional usage, available for connecting 2 sources and 1 HDMI display, or 1 source and 2 HDMI displays.
  • Swap the signal instantly between 2 sources or 2 displays by simply pressing the button.
  • Support up to 4K Ultra-HD resolution. Backward compatible.
  • Specification of signal transmission depends on the devices and the cables. 3M or shorter HDMI2.0 cable (AWG26 or thicker conductor) is suggested for 4K@60Hz, and 10M or shorter for 4K output.
  • LED indicator for identifying the working status expression of the ports.
  • Solid aluminum-alloy housing to ensures durability.
  • Premium construction, to prevent damage to the unit from static electricity, and to ensures well-functioning within +80C/-40 C temperature.
  • Plug and play. No power adapter needed.

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