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More Stable than Tri-Band When Mesh Meets Powerline

The Deco P9 gives you a powerline backhaul for the added power, stability, and strength of a wired connection and a wireless network that immerses your entire home in strong, seamless WiFi up to 6,000 sq. ft. from the bedroom to the backyard.

Breaking Barriers in Whole Home Coverage

Deco P9 ensures your home is always covered in strong WiFi no matter how many walls or ceilings are between your Deco units. The AV1000 powerline increases your network's backhaul speeds by adding a third lane for data to pass through, improving stability and overall performance.

Seamless Roaming

Deco automatically connects you to the closest router so you can experience seamless streaming as you move around your home.

One Name. One Password.

Create a single network that only needs one name and password to keep all your devices connected as you move from room to room.


Reroutes traffic to keep you streaming and gaming, even if one of your Deco units loses power or experiences a disruption.

Adaptive Path Selection

Automatically finds the best path and connection for every device.


  • JD Power Award ---Highest in customer satisfaction for wireless routers 2017 and 2019
  • Powerline Backhaul: The Powerline Deco P9 adds a third lane for data to travel through, similar to a Tri-band mesh router, to create stronger connections between Deco units and increase the home network's overall performance, eliminating signal interference from thick walls and other objects.
  • Whole Home WiFi Coverage: Cover up to 6, 000 square feet with seamless, high speed WiFi that eliminates dead zones and buffering. Better than traditional wifi booster.
  • Intelligent WiFi Mesh Network: Unite your home under a single WiFi name and password while enjoying a seamless connection as you walk from room to room.
  • Parental Controls: Manage, limit and monitor internet use with parental controls that let you customize WiFi access for every person and device in your home
  • Easy Setup and Management: The Deco app helps you set up your home network in minutes with clear visual guidance and keeps you in control even when you aren't home.
  • Works With Alexa: Pair with Alexa to share your guest wifi password, add devices and more using just your voice.
  • Universally Compatible: Deco works with any internet service provider (ISP) and modem.

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