Keyboard Genesis RX85 NKG-0959


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Thanks to good switches, RGB backlight or numerous elements that make life easier for the player, the RX85 RGB mechanical keyboard is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable periphery to their computer.
A good mechanic needs switches that meet the requirements of the most demanding players. RX85 RGB has Kailh Brown switches, which on the one hand provide a noticeable moment of activation, and on the other hand they do not have the characteristic clicking sound.
RX85 RGB is a top-shelf keyboard, so it must have RGB backlight. The color palette of 16 million colors gives you full freedom in the choice of lighting effects. To make the mechanic look even more impressive, the backlight is enriched with the PRISMO effect. In addition, RX85 RGB provides 20 light modes: 8 standard, up to 10 dedicated for games, and 2 own.
There must be advanced software behind the RGB backlight. It not only allows you to set colors, but also to configure and save profiles and macros. Thanks to them, the player can prepare for each game in advance and with a single key launch a deadly combo, which will determine the fate of the skirmish.
In creating the RX85 RGB, we have not forgotten about the user's comfort. The keyboard is equipped with a contoured wrist rest, attached to the device by means of magnets. A special "volume knob" allows you to control the volume without having to search for the right key. RX85 RGB also provides full control over multimedia, giving you 12 function keys.
When a player enters a complicated key combination, he wants to be sure that the system reads it correctly. The RX85 RGB has an N-key Rollover function, meaning anti-ghosting for all keys, making the keyboard a reliable weapon. Gameplay can also spoil the output to the desktop, which is why the mechanic has a button for locking the Windows key.
Are you afraid that the overprint on the buttons will wear off quickly on your keyboard? In the RX85 RGB, prints were implanted using the "double-shot injection molding" method. This technology makes the print almost unbreakable.


- Brown Kaihl mechanical switches with a life cycle of 50 miles. Presses
- Full N-Key rollover
- Detachable wrist rest
- RGB backlight with PRISMO effect
- Advanced software with macro and profile editor
- Aluminum housing
- 20 backlight modes
- Volume control knob
- Non-slip rubber feet
- Multimedia function keys
- The "Double-shot injection" keys guarantee a lifetime abrasion resistance

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