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The Wireless Charging Mouse Pad from HyperGear combines the convenience of wireless Qi charging with a sleek stitched leather surface for your mouse to slide on. This 2-in-1 peripheral allows users to charge compatible mobile devices from a desktop, no cables necessary. The mouse pad has three micro-USB input ports, allowing you to place the mouse pad however you please on your desk, and has an LED charging indicator that lets you know when your device is charging. A micro-USB cable is included to keep your mouse pad powered.


  • This 2-in-1 product combines an ultra-slim surface for your mouse along with a wireless charger for your smartphone.
  • The charger pulls power from a wall outlet and pushes it into your device wirelessly. Drop your device onto the pad for instant charging.
  • No need to remove your device from its case every time you power up. This charger works through most protective cases, up to about 3mm.
  • With three micro-USB input ports, you can arrange your mouse and phone for maximum comfort and convenience.
  • This space-saver has a sleek stitched leather design for a professional, clean, and organized look that can accent your workspace.


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