HP SSD S 700 6.35 cm (2.5") 500GB SATA-III


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High read and write speed

Through the use of 3D-NAND flash memory offers the HP S 700-series a higher storage density and capacity, and is more reliable and more durable than the conventional 2D-NAND flash memory. The HP S 700-series offers better performance, no matter, whether during system start-up, Software Installation or read and write processes the HP S 700-Series helps you to save time and your work to improve efficiency. (*The speed tests are carried out in HP Labs. The actual end-user results may vary due to different system or hardware environments.)

Better performance, longer shelf life

With the improved dynamic wear level ling and static Wear Levelling the HP S 700-series, the tbw (total bytes written) and thus the life of the SSD, in order to meet the requirements of users image processing, video editing, game programming, storage applications.

HP Professional firmware provides data security

For the HP S 700-series are subject to the strict firmware provisions of HP. This security at a professional level can effectively prevents unwanted attacks by hackers and Trojans can be avoided.

Improved LDPC-error correction, secure and reliable memory

The HP S700-series supports LDPC (Low density parity check) error correction. This real-time error correction, the security and integrity of the data transfer. LDPC can extend product life effectively and improves the product durability.

Low power consumption, longer battery life, completely noiseless

By the lack of mechanical components, the power consumption is reduced and thus the battery life of laptops is increased and the absolutely noiseless.

HP quality standards for higher compatibility

As a leading brand in the IT industry keeps HP to strict memory drive testing standards. All products of the HP S700 series have been a performance test, a reliability test, a switch-off protection test, a application test and other stringent tests before the product is delivered. The SSDs of the HP S 700-series support the HP computer DST self-test, the product performance and improved product stability during the daily use.


Product type 2.5" (6.35 cm) internal SSD
Series S700
Format 2.5 inch
Interfaces SATA 6 Gbps
Memory capacity 500 GB
Reading 564 MBps
Writing 518 MBps
IOPS read speed (max.) 90000 IOPS
IOPS write speed (max.) 95000 IOPS
Design height 7 mm
NAS compatibility (yes/no) Yes
TBW (Total bytes written) 295 TB
Width 70 mm
Height 7 mm
T 100 mm
Type Retail
Chip set Silicon Motion SM 2258 XT
Weight 45 g

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