Genesis Mouse Genesis Krypton 700 NMG-0905


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Experienced players know, that the most important, in a professional gaming mouse, are the basic functions, which have the biggest impact on the fate of the contest.  A good sensor, a quick response, a secure grip and precision, that is the utter baseline of an effective game. The mouse Krypton 700 joins those most important features with multiple additional functions, becoming a lethal tool in the hands of an experienced player.



Krypton 700 is furnished with a first class optical sensor PMW3310  from PixArt, which offers very large possibilities to even the most demanding players. The resolution range from 400 to 7200 DPI, the acceleration of 30 g or the speed of tracking at the level of 130 ips, are only a the most important of its features. A large range of resolution with a possibility of personalized settings in a computer software, (starting from 400 DPI) ensures, that every player finds their optimal values. Additionally, the sensor is characterized by a very good reaction with low DPI values.


A high DPI value is not everything. In Krypton 700 we have a possibility of changing DPI on-the-fly, without interrupting the game, between 5 different levels, that every player can set up by themselves, with a dedicated computer software. Besides, to each chosen DPI level, you can assign any color of the RGB backlight, together with the Prismo effect backlight.


The possibility of fitting many mouse functions to your own needs is a very important feature for many players. In Krypton 700 the player receives a advanced computer software with a possibility to assign any functions to each of 8 switchers of the mouse, to edit profiles and macros, to set the favorite values of DPI and to fit your favorite colors to the DPI levels. In addition , the mouse has a built-in memory.


Owing to the application of the RGB backlight, every player gains the possibility of setting one of 16 million colors and hues to every defined level of the DPI level. An additional function of the multicolor backlight allows the setting of a multicolor highlight.


The main switchers of the mouse Krypton 700 is a structure by the brand Omron, that is a top manufacturer of solutions of this type. Their longevity is as many as 20 million clicks, which gives to each player the certainty, that Krypton 700 will be a failproof and long-lasting weapon.


A Secure grip is the basis of an effective and rapid game, that’s why the surface of Krypton was covered with a high quality rubberizing in order to ensure the comfort of use. Moreover, the ergonomic shape ensures that the mouse fits in your hand snugly, enabling comfort of play even in the most fervent situations.

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