Genesis Hydrion 120mm Red- Blue- Green LED Chassis Cooling Fan - NGF-1166 NFG-1167 NFG-1168


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Silent, efficient and eye-catching fan is an ideal addition for any gaming PC. Newest games put more and more stress on machines, putting them under heavy load and mercifully expect undisturbed efficiency to deliver smooth experience for gamers. It is common that many chassis comes with insufficient number of fans, or simply with time users upgrade their hardware – which expects more airflow to be delivered. The solution is – adding more fans. And Genesis have you covered with its brand new Hydrion 120 product line which meets gaming users high expectations.


First thing that users look for when choosing fan is noise… or rather lack thereof. Hydrion 120 is designed in a way to reduce air turbulence, which cause most of noise during its work (apart from motor itself). Thanks to that, fan noise should not exceed 20 dB which is a level of subtle whisper. Another source of audible noise is vibration, which is inseparable in any working motor. To prevent it from spreading throughout chassis, Hydrion 120 is equipped with anti-vibration pads in each corner(on both sides) which comes in contact with chassis. 1000 RPM is optimal fan speed that delivers 42,1 CFM airflow, but does not disturb user with too much noise otherwise generated by faster spinning blades.


Efficiency isn’t only trait that Hydrion 120 can offer. Also visual side of fan is refined in a way that appeals to many – thanks to 15-LED diodes that deliver bright and vibrant illumination.


Illumination color Red - Blue- Green
Number of backlight modes 1
Fan diameter 120 mm
Type Active
Weight 110 g
Material Plastic
Illumination Yes
Lifetime 30 000 h
Bearing type Slide bearing
Noise level 0 - 18.8 dB
Static pressure 1.21 InchH2O
Airflow 0 - 42.1 CFM
Rotational speed 0 - 1000 RPM
Rated voltage 12 VDC
Power 2.4 W
Connectors Molex, 3-PIN
Height 120 mm
Width 120 mm
Length 25 mm
EAN 5901969411287
Catalog number NGF-1166 1167 1168

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